In order to gain an understanding of some of the issues relating to the youths and serious youth violence, we’ve carefully selected what we hope will be some insightful viewing material.



Welcome to the VCP movement! This is the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from our #VCPBLaunch event on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. The evening was a great success, with lots of motivational and inspiring talks from our guest speakers, including: Dr Hugh Osgood, Amani Simpson, Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, Radio Host Eddie Nestor and more. The VCP board members spent the evening networking and building vital bridges to help support our movement. Now the launch is over, it’s time to put in the real work, and you will see a lot more exciting content from our channel and social media platforms.

AMANI | Drama Short Film (2019) - Based On A True Story | MYM

Based on a true story from Amani Simpson, ‘AMANI’ is the latest short from Joivan Wade.  The film depicts the inner reflections of a young man battling with his faith after being stabbed seven times. The vision is that this will be much more than a film, but rather a movement to strengthen the discussion and debate towards the end of the knife crime epidemic plaguing the lives of our young people and adults across the country. 

Should There Be a Boost in Stop and Search to Tackle Knife Crime?

At least 35 under 20-year-olds have died this year due to knife crime. Alison Cope, Justin Finlayson and his son Rico, Pastor Lorraine Jones, Omar Sharif, Leroy Logan, Duncan Bew and Will Linden debate whether or not stop and search tactics from the police are effective enough to help tackle the rising issue of knife crime.


Don’t Call It Road Rap - A Noisey Film (Full Length)

Don’t Call It Road Rap’ hosted by legend of UK music Mike Skinner, was filmed around London over a year, investigating the explosion of UK rap and follows some of the most important MCs as they try to focus on music and keep their lives on a positive track. The film features the likes of Section Boyz, C Biz, 67, Corleone, Potter Payper and Skore Beezy.

The Bugzy Malone Show - Episode 1 'King of the North

Bugzy Malone takes you on a journey of his life in the first episode of ‘The Bugzy Malone Show’.

Bugzy Malone - SECTION 8(1) - CHAPTER 3 (I suggest)

One of the many biographical music video featuring Manchester’s finest, Bugzy Malone and shot on location in a HMP

Stella Creasy Names Every Londoner Killed by a Knife This Year So Far

Labour MP Stella Creasy has urged the home secretary, Sajid Javid, to launch an emergency response to knife crime by telling the Commons of every Londoner stabbed to death in 2019 so far.  A harrowing ‘roll call’ of every life lost instead of statistics with no face and no substance.

Faron’s One-Man fight against knife crime in London – BBC London News

Nine teenagers have so far been stabbed to death on London’s streets in 2017, and it’s only June. Faron Alex Paul is trying to tackle the problem on the streets of Enfield. He’s a vlogger using social media to reach those who feel the need to carry knives. BBC London’s Alpa Patel went to meet him.

Understanding More about Pupil Referral Units And  Gang Violence

This documentary produced in 2012 was used as a platform to voice the thoughts and feelings of pupils from troubled backgrounds and some with challenging behaviour and/or learning difficulties attending Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) in Greater London and also as a reflection tool for staff working in the sector.  The interviews with these children required the film crew to be patient, understanding, sympathetic and tolerant.

Inside London's Gang Violence: A Special Report From Sky News

Young black men in London are being murdered at a rate unlike anywhere else in the UK, as gang wars rage on in the capital. Sky News has spent months speaking with London’s fiercest gangs as part of an investigation into this year’s increase in gang-related violence.

London’s Knife Crime Emergency: ON A KNIFE EDGE

In the wake of multiple knife-related murders in the UK’s capital, activist and ex-gang member Josh Osbourne takes an in-depth look at the “code of silence”. This film explores how the internet has profoundly altered the way conflicts are instigated and unravel on London’s streets, and how the communities affected are reacting to this. As London remains in the throes of a knife crime epidemic, VICE takes a look at one of the most important domestic issues of our time and BLAC is here to help address and implement change.