For an  understanding of a few societal issues affecting the African-Caribbean communities, and the positive impacts individuals and organisations are making, as well as an insight into some areas of the Royal Air Force, we have chosen a selection of videos.

Royal Air Force 2020 - Infinite Defence

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is the United Kingdom’s aerial warfare force. It was formed towards the end of the First World War on 1 April 1918. Following victory over the Central Powers in 1918 the RAF emerged as, at the time, the largest air force in the world. Since its formation, the RAF has taken a significant role in British military history. In particular, it played a large part in the Second World War where it fought its most famous campaign, the Battle of Britain. Today the Royal Air Force maintains an operational fleet of various types of aircraft, described by the RAF as being “leading-edge” in terms of technology. This largely consists of fixed-wing aircraft, including: fighter and strike aircraft, airborne early warning and control aircraft, ISTAR and SIGINT aircraft, aerial refuelling aircraft and strategic and tactical transport aircraft.  The majority of the RAF’s rotary-wing aircraft form part of the tri-service Joint Helicopter Command in support of ground forces. 

How school exclusions can hand vulnerable kids into gangs

The violent death of a 14 year old boy who was groomed into dealing drugs has led to accusations that authorities failed him – but Jaden Moodie’s murder has had a huge impact closer to home as well.

Excluded. Voices of young people affected by exclusion

When you exclude a young person from school, you interfere with their right to education. But this is rarely the only human rights violation they face. Excluded pupils are at risk, for example, of being drawn into serious youth violence – as both victims and perpetrators – are overrepresented in the prison system and often have their home life and private life disrupted.

School exclusion challenge which is facing London | ITV News

At our Improving health in urban communities event, The King’s Fund and independent health foundation Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity explored the complex and dynamic reality of urban space and how it impacts on our health. We heard best practice examples from a line-up of UK and international speakers, including top policy-makers and decision-makers, and shared learning with delegates from across the UK

Cosford Celebrates Black RAF Personnel For Black History Month

The RAF museum at Cosford marks Black History Month with a special exhibition celebrating black people who have served in the RAF.

E-Sports Association during 2019 In The Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force started its first Esports Association in 2019, which has since grown to be the second biggest hobby association in the RAF, second only to Football. Boasting over a thousand members, the group is active in competitions between the Royal Navy and British Army Esports teams, as well as civilian teams across all major gaming platforms and games. But gaming isn’t all the association is about. This documentary explains how Esports is helping the members of the RAF Video Gaming Esports Association develop a number of personal skills such as team working and leadership, as well as providing welfare benefits for its members and bringing likeminded individuals across the RAF together, whether regular, reserve or civilian.

No More Exclusions | Meeting held in March 2020

Joan Hall from No More Exclusions on this black-led campaign to stop exclusions from UK schools.

Understanding the types of School Exclusions

There are 3 types of school exclusion: Permanent, Fixed term, and Lunchtime. Different rules apply to each. We also introduce the concept of an unlawful exclusion in this video.

Find Your Force - The Royal Air Force Advert 2019

Everyone’s got that one thing they were born to do. Find Your Force in the RAF and apply today

RAF Mythbusters - Answering your questions about life in the RAF

We got some of our personnel to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about life in the Royal Air Force. If you have more, let us know in the comments or visit the RAF Recruitment website for more information about our roles.

Misplacement of Black People in Education and Black History

a series of conversations exploring black identity within the UK. This event will be focused on black history in schools.

Black Supplementary Schools - Dr Kehinde Andrews

Dr Kehinde Andrews talks about the rich history of Black Supplementary Schools in Britain and resistance to racism in British education.

The Pilots of the Caribbean - Mark Johnson (part 1)

Historian Mark Johnson tells the story of the RAF’s Black volunteers, focusing on the contribution of his great-uncle, John Blair, who won the DFC as a navigator in Bomber Command.

RAF Shawbury: Exclusive Access Inside The Billion-Pound Centre Training

WARNING: this video contains strobing throughout.

Can knife crime be stopped before it starts? School Exclusions | BBC Stories

In the 12 months leading up to March 2018, a quarter of all knife crime victims were men aged 18-24, official figures show. Ros Griffiths, who works with young boys at risk of exclusion from school, believes that by investing in their education early on, these numbers could be reduced. This film looks at the links between poverty, school exclusions and crime.

RAF Music | Performing the Beautiful Moonlight Serenade by the RAF Squadronaires

The Royal Air Force performing the beautiful and soothing ‘Moonlight Serenade’.  Perfect summertime enjoyment.

"Africa" Performed by Air Cadets Music Services - Virtual Ensemble 2020

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets National Youth Ensembles may not have been able to meet up on camps as planned, but the music still goes on.