a few comments from some of the finalists...

“May I take this opportunity to wish The Blac Awards every success in this time of uncertainty and send you and the team my admiration for keeping alive this important event on the black calendar of events.”


“We are very proud and honoured to have been chosen for recognition in this category. We love your Website and all that you are doing for our ‘unsung’ stars who have made untold contributions to this country. Keep up the good work!”

“Thank you so much for recognising the work my team does, we are truly honoured and look forward to attending the main event.”
“We are looking forward to the event.  So excited that we have reached the shortlisting stage.”

“Thanks again for short listing for this award. It really made my day. Just realised the ceremony is on my birthday!”

“Thank you, this brought a tear to my eye.  I’m happy with this.”

“Thank you so much for this. The fact that I have been shortlisted for such an Honourable Award, was such a shock to me. I am so touched and honoured that my friend/ex-colleague, acknowledges the work I have done and continue to do, which she has written so eloquently to encapsulate me as that person. I love what I do, it’s in my DNA.  The fact that you guys saw something in my friend’s application, I am already a Winner. I wish the other participants all the best and good luck. I am really looking forward to this event and meeting you and your team. Please pass on my regards to Imanii who had the pleasure of making that all important call, where I was completely gobsmacked.”

“Thank you for the nomination. This is much appreciated, I am humbled. Thank you for sending over the certificate. This is very great and thoughtful of my friend.”

“I love the roles/jobs that I do, which I don’t do for the accolades, it comes from the heart. Any job I don’t enjoy in life is not worth doing.  You guys do an amazing job and the fact that people in the Community are getting Awarded and Commended for the roles they play in Society gives them an even greater sense of purpose and achievement. Keep up the good work and looking forward to meeting you all by the grace of God.”

“Awesome, thank you so much!”

“Still over the moon!”

“I’m excited to be shortlisted!”

“Thank you for calling to confirm my nomination, it really means a lot to me, and on behalf of our community, thank you for all your endeavours in raising the profile of our contribution to the British landscape.  I look forward to meeting you.”

“We are absolutely delighted to learn that my son has been nominated for this prestigious award!  He sends his thanks and appreciation to you and the rest of the team!”

“I had some good news – been shortlisted for an award. Haven’t been smiling a lot lately, so appreciate this thanks to BLAC Awards.”

“Imanii and the team are doing well.  As black people we need to have our own platforms and recognise and encourage our peoples great works in their communities. We look at the big awards and we get left out all the time regardless of the great achievements. So I pray this reaches the heights and recognition of the major awards. I look forward to meeting you all.”

“Thank you for shortlisting my nomination. I feel honoured to be recognised for my contribution.”

“I’ve received an award nomination at the inaugural BLAC Awards and am super, super chuffed. This connects differently because it is coming from my heart…which is my own community. I’m grateful.  Thank you so much for this nomination!  This is wonderful news and I am extremely, extremely honoured. To be acknowledged in this way by an organisation geared at celebrating and uplifting our own community, it means the world to me, whether I win or not.  Thanking God, the judges and organisers.”

“We are extremely delighted to announce that we have been nominated by The Bright Lights Awards. We are very proud to be recognised for our work.”

“Give thanks for the nomination.”

“Thank you to the person who nominated me for this award. It was so nice to speak to Imanii from BLAC Awards today and hear what kind words this person said about me. I can’t wait to wear my posh frock!”

“Want to send a huge shout out to my family who has been nominated & shortlisted for the BLAC Awards. Fingers and toes crossed for her!”

“This was such a pleasant surprise so I feel very humble. Thank you for the lovely certificate, which I will disseminate while making others aware of your existence, so thank you once again for sharing this wonderful news. Please continue with your wonderful significant work that promotes the good work of people within our community, while making us feel proud.”

“I would like to say thank you for sending me the certificate and email stating I have been shortlisted, it’s been extremely moving to know I have made the top 3, it was also a pleasure speaking with you on the phone.”

“In all the chaos, a shining light. We are in the finals of Bright Lights Awards Ceremony.  Feel blessed.”

“Blessings to the BLAC Awards for the acknowledgement.”

“Thank you very much for this Honour.  I am humbled by this recognition.”

“Wow! I am humbled. Much appreciation.”

 “Really appreciate it.  Well done to you and all involved.”

“Thank you so much!! I’m honoured and grateful to be nominated for this award.”

“I look forward to hearing from you before your prestigious event.”

“I am genuinely over the moon at this. Regardless of the final result I am grateful that some people appreciate my hard work over the years which has come at some personal cost.”

“Thank you for this certificate. I am truly honoured to receive it. It is a greater honour to be in the finals.”