a few comments from some of the winners...

Words cannot express how moved I was to learn that I won a BLAC Award for `Services to Education` to the delight of my colleagues, including our Pro-Vice Chancellor, who were all present watching the ceremony with me on campus, while jumping for joy, which was a humbling experience.

I would also like to commend you for hosting a professional online ceremony, that had the glitz and the `wow factor` that one would expect of such a prestigious inaugural event, particularly when having to arrange the ceremony online at such short notice.

I feel so proud to be a recipient and one of the first in British history to win such a reward, so thank you once again.

My mother was happy to learn of this outcome, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for making her day!

I salute you all!

Dr. Doirean Wilson MBE, London

“I wanted to say THANK YOU, for presenting me with the ‘Best Neighbour’ award.
I must apologise for not being able to attend the virtual event but I am so much looking forward to the Trophy Presentation.
These type of award ceremonies are so very needed and really reflect my motto “you cannot be what you do not see”.
See you all soon and THANK YOU!”

-Dr. Ronx Ikharia, London

“It was a great event . I thoroughly enjoyed it and winning was the cherry on top!”

Sophia Morgan-Genus, Birmingham

“Thank you so much.”

Mac Ferrari, London

I’m thrilled with being amongst the first in British history to be awarded the BLAC Award.
I am aware of the historic significance of such an event and happy to be involved in publicity to promote awareness and ensure the best for those nominated next year.

Thank you all at team BLAC for providing me with this opportunity.

Now to pay forward.

Annie Yellowe Palma, London

“Wow! So honoured Am humbled. Absolutely loved the show too Thank you so so much, Imanii and Team.”

Aba Graham, Manchester

“Awesome, thank you so much!”

Carers4Carers, London

“Thank you so much !!   I was so surprised!!”

Angela Parkes, Leicester

“Thank you soo much for appreciating my hard work for my community, my achievements and for recognising my talent. Thank you soo much for the love and support you have given me. This prestigious award means the world to me, this shows that I have to work even harder to support my community.”

Zeda Manteaw, London

“I just wanted to say thank you for choosing me to win the category, I am still allowing it to sink in as it is one of my most meaningful awards this far, because overcoming adversity is and has been major for me but such a valuable lesson in life. It really is such an honour to look upon this achievement and be reminded of all I have overcome, but even more than that to be able to show others that obstacles are a part of life, and overcoming everything that is meant to destroy will only make them stronger.

So once again thank you to all the judges who felt I was worthy of receiving this award.

I enjoyed every part of the evening although we did not meet in person, it was so informative and lovely to see others be honoured and recognised for their achievements.”

Beverley Dobbs, Hertfordshire

“Thank you for being part of the nomination process and thank you for your warm words, we are always very appreciative of any accolades that come our way, please do keep me updated.”

Bojangles Brasserie, London

“Thank you all for the award I’m so honoured especially it was my client and dear friend Michelle Hemmings you put my name forward it’s All in honour of her God rest her soul still living on in spirit she obviously thought I was worthy and appreciated my services and work done.”

Beverley Bradley, Birmingham

“Thank you so much for my award!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This night is so emotional. Our beloved Uncle has passed away – my husband has gone to collect him to take him to the funeral parlour. It never gets any easier losing one of our loved ones.

I’d missed the part of the show where I’d won the award, as we were talking about Uncle. One of my friends messaged me to let me know I’d won. I signed in to look at the show and heard the lady singing about grief and loss. It felt so appropriate, cathartic and healing.

I loved Leee John’s film – so moving. You know, when the lady in the hairdresser’s said that they sometimes feel like giving up, it brought tears to my eyes; I know exactly what that feels like in a family business. It was a nice touch having the young people giving uplifting messages at the end of the film. Leee looks exactly the same as he did back in the Imagination days, minus the curly perm, lol!!

Now I’m listening to Stephen Lawrence’s brother sharing with us what Stephen was like. I had no idea Stephen had any siblings at all. I was carrying my eldest son when Stephen was murdered and it made me afraid for my unborn child. I was at Southbank University when the enquiry into Stephen’s death was taking place at Elephant and Castle. I used to go and listen – but knew nothing of Stephen’s life or that he sold shirts to a shop in Camden. Please thank Stephen’s brother for sharing Stephen’s life with us, and thank you for awarding Stephen, he means so much to me, that young man I never knew.

Thank you so much for putting together such a beautiful, thoughtful, wonderful, considered and deeply moving work of art. I am truly humbled to have won one of your awards.

May God bless each of you, and your descendants.”

Xina Gooding-Broderick, Leeds

“We really appreciate the recognition and are excited to receive the trophy.”

Vanessa from Nu Gen Care, Coventry

“Thank you so much for your congratulatory email.

“To win the Award was truly a thrill and very welcomed recognition of the work we, and so many other, community organisations do during times of crisis and generally to help those who are often forgotten by mainstream provision.”

Sherril from Nu Gen Care, Coventry

“Thank you so much we were delighted to be part of this years nominations and the virtual show. Thank you for the great work you are doing.”

Grace & Charlotte (finalists), London

“I watched the YouTube replay video of the Awards, it was amazing, it felt like I was there.

Well done to you and your team, just amazing.”


“Thanks for your lovely email – I’m really honoured to have won this award. I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you and the entire BLAC Awards team.”

Nadine White, London

 “I must congratulate the Blac Award team for such a well organised, slick , glitzy Award event, that actually started on time. It was great ! Pity my two finalists did not win on the night, but the award exposes their hard work and gave them the recognition they deserve. The only thing I missed was that the finalists’ names were not accompanied with their photos. That would have been the icing on the cake. It sounds like it was short notice to revert to a virtual event, so you did very well in making it an event to be proud.
 Keep up the good work in exposing and providing the opportunity to celebrate our people’s achievements.”

-Alina Wallace (nominator), London

“Thanks for including us and we are very proud to have won.”

-Qualitex Sound, Bristol

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all as Ping Wing was over the moon to say the least I would have loved to see his face when his name called out, but God still in control, give thanks we are still here.

Love you all, stay safe and stay blessed.”

-Laura McKenzie, London

“Thank you for creating this event and keep going with it despite the challenges of the last 18 months.”

-Shine Out Loud TV (finalist), London

“I have to say, we are Loving it, powerful, educational and inspirational.

Fantastic job in amazingly unprecedented times!

Thank you for this award, it means a lot and says a lot for me and all those that I work with. Great team!”

Chris Hodge, London

Dear Imanii and the Blac Awards team, thank you for your message and congratulations on a lovely event. We enjoyed seeing the end result and hope for the very best next year!  Well done and we look forward to supporting again!

Candice Bryan (nominator), London