At the Bright Lights Awards Ceremony (BLAC Awards), we stand as a beacon for diversity, unity, and excellence. Our mission is deeply rooted in celebrating the multifaceted brilliance within the grassroots African Caribbean communities in the UK. By HONOURING legacies, CELEBRATING diversity, and EMBRACING futures, we showcase success stories that will inspire generations.

Join us in our journey on Friday 25 October 2024, at The H Suite, 100 Icknield Port Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 0AA when we’ll be uniting cultures, building bridges, and proudly showcasing the richness of our communities’ achievements.

Building Bridges, Honouring Diversity, Celebrating Success Stories, embracing futures.

The BLAC Awards Ceremony in partnership with the Royal Air Force, is an annual event for the UK’s grassroots African Caribbean communities (including mixed heritage). HONOURING the past, CELEBRATING the present, & EMBRACING the future by paying tribute to success stories across the many walks of life; showcasing individuals and organisations who make our communities wonderful places to live, work & play. 

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This event is long overdue and needs to be highlighted. There’s not a lot of credit going where credit is due when it comes to young people. Recognising something a young person has done goes a long way and to be able to shine a beacon of light on them is great.

Huey Vanderpuije

Dwaynamics Boxing Gym
What a fantastic idea. So excited that this is back on track after the year and a half that we have had. Something very positive to look forward to enjoy.

Judith Jacob

Actress, Poet & Radio Presenter

I feel The BLAC Awards are a brilliant and insightful way to highlight achievements of those who may not usually be identified or noticed.

Emily Lewis

IFM Therapeutic Counselling
I’m honoured to have been asked to take part in what is a very worthwhile and meaningful occasion.

David Cohen

Investigations & Campaigns Editor, Evening Standard
A cultural community recognition, a night where the younger and older generations can all network and gain value from one another.


VP Records
The BLAC Awards will be a significant boost to the African, Caribbean and black British communities, whose progressive, entrepreneurial and educational achievements have been missed and overshadowed by the violence, which is underpinned by street gangs, that have disproportionately affected these communities in London.

Sheldon Thomas


So awesome to see a new fresh upcoming award that highlights individuals in the African and Caribbean communities! It is so necessary! I am looking forward to them!

Tene Alexandria

Twitter @herTRUTH_isME

The BLAC Awards, I must first say, I love what you are doing & stand for.

Orchid Bea

Arts & Wellbeing Presenter, Maritime Radio

I love your movement.

UK Black History

Instagram @uk_black_history

I love what I'm seeing.

Lovena Brown

BEN TV, Caribbean Rep.

Well done for this great initiative.

Ewemade Orobator

Chairman, Our Heritage TV

Sending my warmest regards and keep up the great work you are doing.

Paul Anderson MBE

Chief Executive, Voyage Youth Organisation

I'm so honoured to be part of this ceremony and be around so many esteemed trailblazers who are leading the way.  Good on them.  God bless them and may they continue to be a beacon of light in a dark world making big and positive change.

Paul Canoville

Former Chelsea Footballer

Brilliant what you guys are doing.

Dawne B. Stewart

Presenter, BBC Radio Nottingham

I think the work you are doing to recognise our unsung heroes is wonderful.

DJ Melody Kane

Music & Fitness Instructor
Thank you for making the connection and for highlighting this amazing event.

Choices Make Change

Twitter @Mr_Burin

This is incredible spirit of excellence.

Bishop Mark Nicholson

ACTS Church, Croydon

Your guests are in for a treat.  A game-changing event in our community.

Paula Powell

CEO, Sphere Hospitality

May the awards be a success, but beyond that, become a lasting legacy befitting of the hard work and enterprise showed by the nominees and recipients.

Mr Irish


This is a very important event which will become enshrined within the African Caribbean communities in the United Kingdom.

Dr Martin Glynn

Criminologist, Birmingham City University

It's really important to recognise positive role models.

Abs Haque

New Scotland Yard Strategic Crime Preventions

You and your sisters and brothers are the new light.

Sir Geoff Palmer OBE

Emeritus Professor, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland

It is critical that everyone participates in the construction of our youth in their developmental phases or else the result will end in destruction.

Chico Tillmon

Violence Prevention & Care, Chicago, USA

It's a great job that you're doing, well done guys.

Hayley Palmer

Sky TV & This Morning Presenter

It's going to be a phenomenal event and I'm so looking forward to it.

Dr Maria Lenn

CEO, Suited & Booted

I wish you all the best with this, it's a great initiative. Thank you for what you are doing in the community we need it,  lots of love and respect.

Janet Campbell

Debuty Cabinet Member for Families, Health & Social Care

This is great.

Trish Adudu

BBC TV & Radio Host,Presenter and Formats Creator

Absolutely love and appreciate what you're establishing through these awards.  Not enough recognition is given to our people in regards to their contributions via their talents, creativity, and accomplishments.  Very much looking forward to the awards.


Via Instagram

This really looks fantastic and has caught my heart.

Sandra Godley

BBC Radio Presenter, Coventry & Warwickshire

A huge thank you for this beautiful initiative.  It is indeed very important to shine a bright light on those inspirational role models who work tirelessly to make a positive impact in our communities.

Ellen Chiwenga

FIFA Football Match Agent

We appreciate the work you are doing and we believe that you are one of the organisations that can strategically represent Africa and it's talents.

Abel Mavura

Founder & Editor, Real Time News Agency, France

This is awesome.  Celebrating pure talent and connecting people is one thing I always look for so I'll be following closely and cheering you up.

Lietta Jacob

Power FM Radio Presenter & Sportscaster, Zimbabwe

The BLAC Awards are going to be a really powerful affair.

Juanita Rosenoir

Managing Director, TGRG PR & Artist Management Agency

This is a brilliant initiative.  Congratulations to the Organisers of this much needed and innovative award scheme.

George Twumasi

Founder & CEO, African Broadcasting Network TV

It’s important to showcase our people and through lived experience, grow empathy.  I’m very passionate about it.

RAF Warrant Officer, Sara Catterall MBE

Senior Enlisted Leader of NATO's Allied Air Command (AIRCOM)

This is incredible what you are doing. I love the mix of people; it’s our culture wrapped in one celebration.

Cory Barrett

Co-founder, CBGC Creative Industries Ltd

Thank you and well done for the work you do to empower and highlight some of the positive things in our community.

Saffron Jackson

CEO, Zuree Dolls

The BLAC Awards seems like an organisation committed to making a positive impact on the African-Caribbean Community.

Sumaiya Bangura

Chair, London Youth Assembly

We really appreciate the work that you're putting in to support our community.

Dawn Dublin

Black Butterfly Organisation, UK

Your work seems very important in today’s social and political climate.

Ruth Doua

Marketing Assistant, Fashion Africa Now, Germany

Thank you for organising such an essential event to inspire our children especially black teenage boys.  Congratulations on the great work you are doing with providing a platform to recognise all the positive things that our community is doing.

Mr. Knox Daniel

Joshua Beckford's Father

What a fantastic acknowledgement of all the good work going on in the community - the people and organisations that work tirelessly to make life living as a Black person in the UK a little easier. Thank you for the much-needed BLAC Awards. So inspiring!


Jericho Prize

I fully support this tribute to the black fraternity, long may it last, congratulations to all those who make this wonderful event possible.

Winston McKenzie

United Nations Ambassador


Honouring the Past

Honouring the past is not merely a tribute to history; it’s a timeless acknowledgment that paves the path for our present endeavors and shapes the narrative of our collective future. It’s a testament to the resilience, wisdom, and stories of those who came before us, inspiring us to cherish their legacy, learn from their experiences, and forge ahead with reverence and purpose.

Celebrating the Present

Celebrating the present is a vibrant acknowledgment of the moments that make our lives extraordinary, a testament to embracing each triumph, lesson, and connection that enriches our journey. It’s an ode to seizing the opportunities, cherishing relationships, and reveling in the beauty of the here and now, infusing our days with gratitude, joy, and the essence of possibility.

Embracing the Future

Embracing the future is an unwavering commitment to cultivating tomorrow’s possibilities today. It’s a journey fueled by innovation, resilience, and a vision that transcends boundaries, empowering us to shape a world where potential knows no limits. It’s about anticipating change, fostering growth, and nurturing dreams that illuminate the path toward a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.

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Frank Bruno MBE

This year we are delighted to be raising money for the Frank Bruno charity The Presidents Sporting Club & Disabled Sports Foundation which help children with mental and physical disabilities and The Frank Bruno Foundation in Northampton – “Building healthy bodies & healthy minds”.     

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The H Suite, in the popular Birmingham suburb of Edgbaston, is a dynamic, and flexible event venue that also offers the benefit of in-house event planners, over 11,000sq ft. of quality ground floor space for creating bespoke function rooms with direct access from the 150 vehicle car park space right beside the venue. 

The H Suite are also able to provide a range of catering services for any event. By offering a selection of caterers to work with or they can offer an individual approach, leaving organisers to choose their own professional caterer to suit their requirements from one of the partner organisations.

 The H Suite is situated outside of the Clean Air Zone, so charges can be avoided depending on the entry route.

The BLAC Awards