The BLAC Experience...

BLAC (Bright Lights Awards Ceremony) is a new and unique awards initiative boldly drawing attention to pertinent issues in the black community. 

The first event was borne out of the need to add our weight to the narratives surrounding serious knife crime, and mental health – two issues which are sometimes intrinsically linked.  We took another bold step by choosing to have VIP Award Presenters and Judges who represented the chosen topic of the event; this was a way of bringing ‘substance’ to the ceremony and looking at the causes and possible solutions to some of the issues we face.  In some ways, BLAC is more akin to a summit.  

We counter misleading perceptions by highlighting the positive aspects of the  African-Caribbean communities, and we achieve this by providing the strategic thinking, community insight and creative excellence which produces exceptional relationships between brands and people; a unique blend designed to sow the seeds of unity, friendship, understanding and enrichment amongst our varied communities; to create and foster an environment where those from less privileged backgrounds can network and make life-changing experiences. 

By forming strong partnerships with other organisations and institutions, we’re able to guide young people and families into a more productive, constructive and healthy lifestyle; it’s about getting all the villagers to fully appreciate “it takes a village to raise a child” because the alternative is, “the child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth”.  

Whilst BLAC seeks to highlight societal issues in our community, it also tries to avoid the sensationalism and instead, provide a platform to draw attention to the good and the great.  Until now, there has not been an awards ceremony of this calibre; filled with the glitz and glamour you’d expect, yet its primary focus is to counter unrepresentative narratives.

The organisers have a combined experience of over 70 years in Public relations, marketing, entertainment, and campaigning.

We’re shining the ‘Bright Lights’ on the wonderful individuals, businesses, and role models who make our communities places to be proud of.

This magnificent occasion will build a legacy for the African-Caribbean communities, and we’re honoured to have the interest of many important figures supporting this worthwhile cause.

We are proud sponsors of the ‘LOBL’ Awards in Nottingham.

“We rise by lifting others” ~ Robert Ingersoll