Rev. Keith Raymond

Keith is a grade-A driving instructor, and managing  director of ‘Perfectionist School of Motoring’.
As well as guiding people on the road, Keith also guides people in life – he is a qualified Community Chaplain.
Beneath Keith’s serious-looking face lies a very bubbly character and a great sense of humour, but a ‘perfectionist’ is what describes him best and attention to detail is his specialty.
God spoke to Keith many years ago when he told him his purpose in life was to serve others. Four years later in 2014, he was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel; serving the community through church charity events and prison ministry.
Despite giving so much of his time to his community, Keith finds quality time to enjoy his favourite hobbies which include watching football, listening to music, studying, attending family functions and travelling.
Keith’s motto is: “The world needs Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion covered with Love.”

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