George W. Twumasi

Founder & CEO, ABN Television

ABN Africa TV

George W. Twumasi is a visionary African social entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom, whose lifetime of work has been committed to the creation of an innovative and commercially viable pan-African public service broadcasting network and digital television ecosystem. George has extensive knowledge of sub-Saharan Africa’s burgeoning television, social media, subscription and advertising sales markets and has thought through and authored the intellectual infrastructure and commercial formulae and basis that would underpin the development of a comprehensive TMT driven platform straddling 20 Anglophone African markets.

To realise the set vision, George has also established a useful network of industry networks. These include the International Academy for Television Arts and Sciences; Informa Telecoms and Media – a FTSE 100 market research and events management company; IHS Markit, Analysys Mason – an emerging markets’ TMT advisory specialist and Rapid Blue – a leading digital technology-driven content publishing company.

George is the current chief executive officer (CEO) of ABN Holdings Limited (ABN) and a 2018 Fall Fellow of Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School.

African Broadcast Network Ltd was originally established in 1998 to bring into fruition, the dream of a bonafide African Broadcast Network, which would project a powerful vision of dynamic African possibilities. However, further to its operational launch in 2000, the underlying business model showed flaws for which a rethink was required. African Broadcast Network Ltd ceased to trade in 2003 and was relaunched as ABN Holdings Ltd (ABN) in 2004 as a commercial trade body, to undertake significant pioneering research and development work, including the development of a viable proposition that could generate long-term commercial value for prospective investors.

ABN’s recast vision is to create a commercial public service television content creation and distribution hub that specializes in the aggregation, curation and origination of quality television brands “Made by Africans for Africans”. ABN has facilitated the creation of the African Public Broadcasting Foundation (APBF) to support its vision.

In partnership with APBF, ABN is ready to seek an adequate financial investment with the goal to build a globally relevant multi-billion-dollar content production system and digital television network spanning Sub-Saharan Africa. ABN and APBF will work together to develop and distribute African generated content that will motivate, inspire and revive a new generation of African thought leadership. However, a sound regulatory, civic and financial framework is required in order to ensure long-term success.

George has written a number of publications in relation to broadcasting and digital media. publications and the African digital content industry.

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