Our security within a community comes from a strong natural human instinct of wanting to associate with one another. As a general rule, we tend to associate ourselves with people with similar principals and morals which make for a stronger sense of association.

Without this feeling, we would not embrace each other’s beliefs and culture, or even the desire to learn new things from one another and this would make us introvert, stubborn and ignorant in a world where we merely focus on the differences. Associating ourselves with like-minded people can help in making a peaceful and progressive society and community as well as making it lively and a vibrant.

Without this strength of belonging, there is lacking of peace which would lead to numerous problems which the community themselves would have to pick up. If we don’t have the ability to do something, we communicate with someone who can, thus creating a potential link be it professional or personal. This cooperation begins at home and as we grow it spreads to a strong feeling of unity.

The BLAC Awards