Emily Lewis

Director, IFM Counselling Services

IFM Counselling Services

Emily Lewis has over 20 years’ experience working in the field of therapy and mental health.  She is a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor registered with the BACP and adhering to strict ethical standards. Growing up, she experienced Domestic Violence within her  family home and then through her own personal relationship.  During this domestically abusive relationship, Emily at first I didn’t realise it was abusive; she was actually comfortable with the behaviour of her partner who had her  in a skewed reality of what was ‘normal’.  

Emily Lewis

Emily  had no better experience to compare it to considering she’d come from one abusive situation to another and experienced a number of incidents in her relationship which slowly continued to break down her self-worth, her confidence and her identity.  She eventually broke down emotionally and mentally until she was able to finally find the strength to keep reporting to the police until she was finally heard and then referred to counselling. The counselling she received was instrumental in her recovery and growth as an independent person.

Coming out of the other side she knew she wanted to give back and now work in schools, in hospitals and for charities.  Emily feels that ‘no individual should be deprived of the opportunity of counselling; ‘Everyone deserves the chance to be heard’.

IFM Therapeutic Counselling was founded in 2018 By Emily.  The idea was to insure that counselling could be made accessible to all regardless of financial status, culture or ability.  IFM was started in East London and expanded to cover London as a whole which provides a safe and confidential space, where clients can share and explore their thoughts, worries and feelings in a ‘safe space’ to explore the issues that are important to them and they use various modalities such as person-centred counselling, systemic, holistic and CBT to ensure that they can support people with any kind of process they may be experiencing. IFM Therapeutic Counselling work with compassion and understanding and their aim is to empower the client to attain their own strengths and resources to equip them with tools of recovery and resilience.

IFM Therapeutic Counselling provide counselling for couples as well as for families and support couples and families to communicate to each other in a structured and safe environment.

There is also Therapeutic Play where the client is given the opportunity to explore their feelings and emotions through play, using tools such as Sand Play, Art and Role Play. It is provided to both children and adults and can be facilitated in a choice of environments such as schools, at home or based in one of their centres.

They also have an online service using Zoom. This service is provided for those who may not want or be able to attend physical sessions.

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