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In the heart of London, a remarkable ensemble with roots tracing back to Nigeria has captured the world’s attention with their exceptional musical prowess and collaborative spirit. The Dulcis Ensemble, a Nigerian orchestra based in London, has not only carved a niche for themselves but also established an enduring musical legacy that bridges continents and cultures. Their enthralling journey from Lagos to London, punctuated by collaborations with some of the biggest names in Afrobeats such as Libianca and Asake, is a testament to their unwavering dedication and undeniable talent.

Founded in 2010 by a group of visionary Nigerian musicians who met in church, the Dulcis Ensemble began as a modest ensemble in Lagos. Their shared passion for classical music and a desire to blend it with the rich tapestry of African rhythms and melodies led to the birth of a truly unique musical entity, and was soon seen as the National Symphony Orchestral of Nigeria. However, it was their move to London in 2015 that would shape their trajectory and allow their talents to truly shine on the global stage.   At different levels, they attained scholarships to study music and every member is  ABRSM certified both in theory of music and Practical musicianship. 

Dulcis is an international group, and has appeared and participated in:
A. Stellenbosch University music festival from 2009 till 2015
B. World Choir game Grado Italy 2014 (Gold medal)
C. Commonwealth Orchestra in Malta for Heads of Government meetings in 2015
D. Commonwealth Orchestra in London for Heads of Government meetings 2018
E. Appearance with Asake at a sold-out O2 Arena August 20th 2018

The Dulcis Ensemble’s signature sound is a mesmerizing fusion of classical orchestral arrangements and contemporary Afrobeats elements. By infusing traditional orchestral instruments with African percussion, vibrant vocals, and intricate rhythms, they have crafted a sound that resonates with audiences across cultures. Their ability to seamlessly blend different genres has earned them a loyal fanbase, captivating listeners who are drawn to their innovative approach to music.

What truly sets them apart is their collaborations with some of the biggest names in the Afrobeats scene. Their partnership with artists like Libianca and Asake has not only expanded their musical horizons but has also created a unique space for cross-genre experimentation. The harmonious marriage of the orchestra’s classical elegance and the infectious energy of Afrobeats has resulted in hit tracks that transcend boundaries.

Libianca, the Afrobeats sensation known for her powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence, found an unexpected but captivating synergy with the Dulcis Ensemble. Their collaboration on tracks like “Melodies of Unity” and “Euphonic Dreams” showcased Libianca’s vocal charisma intertwining flawlessly with the orchestra’s lush arrangements. The resulting music is a celebration of both artists’ strengths and a reflection of their shared dedication to pushing creative boundaries.

Asake, star in the Afrobeats scene recognized for his infectious beats and captivating lyrics, embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with the Dulcis Ensemble. Tracks such as “Rhythmic Reverberations” and “Harmonic Fusion” exemplify the Ensemble’s ability to complement Asake’s rhythmic intricacies with their own orchestral complexities. The synergy between Asake’s modern Afrobeats sounds and the timeless allure of the orchestra has proven to be a recipe for musical magic.

As the Dulcis Ensemble continues to create waves in the music industry, their journey is far from over. Their relentless pursuit of musical innovation, cultural fusion, and boundary-breaking collaborations promises an exciting future that will further enrich the global musical landscape. With each performance, the Dulcis Ensemble leaves an indelible mark, inspiring artists and audiences alike to embrace the beauty of diversity and the power of harmony.

Since 2018 Dulcis has been touring with Tunde Jegede a UK based kora and a Cellist who also pioneer the orchestra from Lagos Nigeria to Europe and has been working with the group since 2010.

In a world where music serves as a universal language, their story is a testament to the unifying force of creativity and collaboration. Their journey from Nigeria to London, their genre-defying collaborations, and their dedication to crafting a unique musical identity have solidified their place as not just a remarkable orchestra, but as true ambassadors of the transformative power of music.

Dulcis plays different kind of music for all events and concerts Classical music, contemporary, traditional, afrobeat, R& B, jazz and popular tunes. Dulcis is now based in three countries United Kingdom, United States of America, and Nigeria

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