Deborah Gordon

People Management Professional

Deborah Gordon is an accomplished People Management professional with over 30 years solid experience in Learning & Development, organisational development, workforce planning and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and was recognised in 2019 for integrated working with Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group through the “Skills for Care” accolades in working with vulnerable people in care and nursing homes.

Deborah is a very self-motivated and driven professional who strives to deliver excellence for employees and customers and has worked mainly within public sector organisations, with children, youth and adults both directly and /or providing training opportunities for staff to enhance their skills and knowledge to provide excellent services.

Without a doubt, Deborah is passionate about enabling others to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

A great socialite and networker, Deborah provides and encourages people to connect to offer services, undertake joint work or promote services one has to offer.  Often referred to as the ‘go to’ person for information, services, contact, etc, if Deborah doesn’t know something she will surely find out which enables her inquisitive mind.

With a long background of working within the local community from coaching & mentoring both youths and adults, teaching at Saturday schools, providing counselling services for a telephone helpline, it doesn’t stop there because she has recently started a walking group in her local area to help address some of the issues faced from isolation, lack of exercise and promoting mental health during lockdown.

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