Bishop Mark Nicholson

Bishop Mark Nicholson is a sensitive and innovative mentor for some of the most troubled teenagers in our borough.

He shows great skill in coming alongside them and speaking on their level. He has given hope and opportunity to many families who had none. He works with them on behavioural issues, schooling, employment, family relations, peer relations, drugs and crime involvement. He has faced threats and attacks and has handled them professionally. He has shown great initiative in building trust with many young people who have been abused and neglected and have subsequently shut the door on all other professional services. If there is a way to get through to them, he will usually find it.

Bishop Mark is the Senior Pastor of Acts Christian Ministry; a church that is empowered by the Boldness of the Holy Ghost. It is perhaps, the first of its kind in Croydon with two churches coming together as one, intent on Kingdom Building. This new church, as in the book of ACTS, is modelled from ACTS 2: 41-47.

He is well versed, well travelled and has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ transforming lives in several countries, notably South Africa, Nigeria, USA, Kenya and the Congo. Many opportunities have presented themselves as God continues to extend this ministry. Bishop Mark is an accomplished keyboard player and delights in playing the Hammond Organ, as well as playing the guitar and uses his musical ability to assist in taking praise and worship to a different level.

Bishop Mark serves the Community of the Borough of Croydon as a Magistrate appointed by the Lord Chancellor. He is determined to use his position to make a positive contribution to the community and encourage more people from ethnic minorities to join him as Justice of the Peace.

The Lord has raised up this visionary leader and anointed preacher and motivational speaker to speak LIFE into the body of Christ worldwide in the 21st Century and to deliver many through the power of the Holy Spirit from the shackles of bondage, poor self-worth and low expectations. God has so blessed Bishop Mark to venture into the avenue of TV Ministry…MANministries as seen on Faith TV. Bishop Mark aspires to effect change globally – empowering people on their daily journey, spiritually and economically giving new hope and encouragement to be all whom God has ordained them to be through his revealed word.

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