Sandra Martin

Sandra Martin made her TV debut on Channel 4 show Gogglebox back in 2013. She appeared on the show for four years before quitting in 2017.

The star is originally from Brixton in South London and kept us all roaring with laughter with her hilarious commentary on the previous week’s TV shows.

Sandra is well known for her raucous laughter and her bold sense of style.

She has a 24-year-old daughter called Chancez, who replaced pal Sandi Bogle on the Gogglebox sofa after Sandi quit the show in 2016. Sandra is also a grandma, but has no partner since splitting with her boyfriend Derek in 2015.

During a chat on This Morning in July 2017, Sandra announced she was quitting Gogglebox for good. Her news came just months after best friend Sandi announced her exit from the show.

Speaking to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes at the time on the ITV chat show, she said: “I am going to miss it, but I decided at that time I wanted to move on to other things. It’s four and a half years now, and I’m just moving on, keeping up with the times.”

Admittedly, Sandra had to admit it wasn’t quite the same filming without her best pal Sandi, and that there were “certain subjects” she couldn’t discuss with her 24-year-old daughter Chancez, who joined her on the sofa after Sandi quit.

Sandra currently has her own jewellery business, ‘Rings And Tings’, which she set up in 2015.

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