By participating, nominators and nominees agree to the Terms and Conditions as set out below:


Nominations may be self-nominated, made by an individual or an organisation.

Nominees must be over 18 and a UK citizen or have UK permanent residents, proof of age and status may be requested.

Advisory members are eligible for nomination.

Staff, and close relatives of BLAC are not allowed to nominate.


Nominations Open: 31 October

Nominations Close: 13 February

Finalists Announced: 20 March


You agree that your personal information will be:

Collected by BLAC, for the purpose of administering and judging the Awards disclosed to the Judging panel for the purpose of judging the Awards.

BLAC will hold and use all personal information submitted for the purposes of processing each nomination and administering these Awards.

You agree to BLAC providing the media organisations with your personal information (including your name and image) and material contained within the nomination in connection with the Awards, both now and in future years, including in print and online format such as the award web site and all social media channels.

You agree for your name and image to be used in connection with BLAC to report on and promote the Awards, including if you are a finalist, in the Award ceremony, award program booklet, associated award promotion and marketing as required, awards web site and social media channels.

Personal contact details of the nominee and nominator will not be published or passed on to third parties that are not affiliated with the Awards.

All nomination information and material submitted remains the property of BLAC and will not be returned unless previously arranged.


BLAC may require the Award recipients and/or nominees to take part in publicity events in connection with the Awards ceremony.

The name, likeness, and image of each award recipient and nominees, as well as any photos, materials and statements supporting any nomination (except for personal contact information) may be copied, reproduced, or otherwise used in all online and print advertising including social media channels and press releases related to the Awards, as part of the Awards ceremony itself and also in relation to BLAC in any future year (for example in the course of profiling past winners and nominees).


You acknowledge and agree that the material contained in the nomination form is not of a confidential nature.

You agree that BLAC has a perpetual, royalty free, nonexclusive license to edit, amend, copy, reproduce, use, publish and communicate to the public, in full part, the material contained in the nomination.

You agree that BLAC’s use of material contained in the nomination in accordance with these conditions will not give rise to any infringement or unauthorised use of any kind of third party intellectual property rights.

That you will not make any claim against BLAC arising from the exercise of this license granted to BLAC including claims in relation to moral rights that you may otherwise have; and to indemnify BLAC against all costs and claims by any third parties arising from a breach of these warranties.


The recipients of the awards will be recognised at an Award ceremony, location and date TBA.

Award recipients will receive a designed, hand-crafted award, in recognition of their contribution to the community. Any other prizes that may attach to a particular Award will be as specified by BLAC, provided that any such prizes are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of BLAC.


All nominators and nominees are entirely responsible for their own costs including travel and accommodation costs associated with attendance at the Awards ceremony, the forums and associated events however BLAC may, at its discretion, in extreme case only, for those nominees shortlisted for any awards, cover the cost of attendance to the awards ceremony where such shortlisted nominees live in another town from that in which the awards ceremony is being held.

Finalists will receive ONE complimentary ticket per nomination to the Award ceremony. Attendance at all other associated BLAC events including forums, key notes and networking events will be free of charge.


BLAC reserves the right to amend or alter these Terms and Conditions without prior notice including in respect of the criteria for any award, the withdrawal of any award, the inclusion of any further award and/or any title or prizes offered in relation to any award, where BLAC believes such action is in the best interest of BLAC and/or the Awards, and no liability shall attach to BLAC as a result of such.


At its sole discretion BLAC reserves the right to postpone or cancel the Awards, and no liability shall attach to BLAC as a result of such.