Martin Wynter

Djing for Martin was a thing he fell into considering he never bought a record as a youngster; his brother was the collector and Martin was fortunate to take over his collection by the time Martin was 21 years old.

The name ‘Shoe Doctor’ as Martin has been affectionately known was given to him by his brother because Martin is a shoe repairer by trade, he currently runs his own shoe repair business in Barking, Essex. 

Martin started working in radio in 1989 on CRN, a local station in Newham which comprised of all local DJs.  His first show was slotted at 4am, but the downside was not being allowed to use the name ‘Shoe Doctor’ simply because the station manager was not fond of the name, so instead, Martin used the moniker ‘SD The Revival Master’.  This was at about the same time when he joined a sound system called ‘Cousins INC’ which featured head selector DJ Christoss, Poleto Don (MC) Lady Sass, Comedian Quincy and manager Touchflow.  During this time, Martin would play the reggae and DJ Christoss would play the soul alongside Lady Sass.

As well as having worked on CRN Radio, martin has also worked on a number of other radio stations over the years including Paradise FM, WNK, Rockers FM, Station FM, Powerjam, Juice FM, Klimaxx and Supreme FM….to name a few.

Lockdown in 2020 brought Martin back to his beloved Supreme FM which also included a 3 week stint on Injection Fm.

Martin is Co-owner of GY RADIO which is quite possibly the first ever London & Midlands streaming radio station.