John Skyers

Head Coach, Miguel’s Boxing Gym

While many greats have trained at Miguel’s Boxing Gym, it has also assisted the average man and woman from just about every background imaginable. Miguel’s pride themselves on having found the balance between an authentic London boxing gym and a welcoming environment with a true sense of community, with one to one personal training, women boxing classes, white-collar boxing, children’s boxing, amateur boxing, ladies boxing, fit to work boxing and obesity boxing.

John Skyers

Classes and courses include Unemployment class/ Fit to work which is a class exclusively to anyone who is currently seeking employment. Helping individuals to take positive steps towards improving their own futures and the aim is to enable people to obtain transferable skills which will empower them to successfully compete with other candidates when seeking employment. Pack a punch/class for the deaf community gives the deaf community a sport to enjoy and feel involved in activities that would not normally be available to them and also encouraging members to stay fit and healthy no matter their stresses in life and make them feel a part of the local community. 

Boxing for Wellbeing (mental health) for individuals struggling with mental health (including anxiety, depression, and PTSD) and is run by a boxing coach & assistant psychologist and these classes include boxing techniques, with relaxation and breathing techniques, mindfulness and psychoeducation.  Clients are encouraged to push boundaries, release frustration, anxiety, and stress and promote benefits in good moods, confidence, self esteems, and physical well-being.

Beat obesity class  for clients suffering from weight issues are often going round in circles, frustrated and angry, and searching for a way out. Boxing is not only one of the best ways to tone up and burn fat but it is also a cathartic stress reliever that can aid the release of pent up tension and emotions which we all carry around day today. Boxing is one of the few static cardio workouts that are safe for those with joint problems often associated with obesity. Kids class is a friendly personal training service aimed at getting kids fit and healthy together through a variety of fun innovative boxing workouts. From ages 6-12 years. 

Junior + Adult amateur classes produced ABA Champions and national amateur champions. Mixed juniors ages 12-16 years, encouraging the young youths to stay off the streets and come to the gym to learn life skill for themselves.

Miguel’s have produced champions such as Dillian Whyte – Current WBC Interim Heavyweight Champion. WBC Silvery title, WBO International title.Henry Akinwande – British former professional boxer. Held the WBO heavyweight title 1989-2008, commonwealth heavyweight title in 1993 & European heavyweight title 1993-1994. Richard Williams – English professional boxer of 90’s-2010’s who won the International Boxing Organisation (IBO) and lightweight middleweight title (twice). Kheron Gilpin – England Boxing National Amateur Champion 2019.Isaac Dogba – Former Super bantam-weight World Champions and many more.