Chantelle Oliver-Nwachukwu

Chantelle Oliver

Young Charity Worker

Charity Worker

Chantelle Oliver is an 18 year old from from Wood Green in North London and has a strong passion in music and has her hopes set on becoming a music composer.  Chantelle is currently working towards a career in the gaming industry by combining her love of music and gaming in the strong hope that she will one day develop her career making Japanese-inspired music.  


Chantelle Oliver-Nwachukwu

Chantelle has recently completed a Music Production course as well as having studied an Access to Music in Hackney.  She is very passionate about writing music and have been inspired by Japanese composers and writers such as Jin, Hige Dandism and Yoko Kanno.  Chantelle has also worked as a mentor for Kori a charity which has been working for over 20 years supporting young people who have been excluded from schools and taking some of these young people to Gambia.  

Whilst working for Kori, Chantelle would help with taking the younger children on trips out.  Chantelle has learned to play the djembe drum and partakes in singing, dance and drama and more recently, she shadowed Jermain Jackman and Kamara Fearon at SOLA (Spirit of London awards) nominations 2020.

It was quite apparent from young that Chantelle was a talented girl  who enjoyed dancing, drama, singing and instrument playing. She is compassionate, warm, gentle, creative and growing into an empowered woman who is no stranger to events because she also attended The Crib in Hackney Empire where she judged acts with her mother.